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Prints are created from a single original surface, known as a matrix. Common types of print matrices include: plates of metal, usually copper or zinc for engraving or etching, fabric plates for screen-printing, stone, used for lithography; blocks of wood for woodcuts and linoleum for linocuts. Works printed from a single plate create an edition, in modern times usually each signed and numbered to form a limited edition. Prints may also be published in book form, as artist's books. A single print could be the product of one or multiple techniques. The most common printing process is now digital printing. Digital Prints refers to editions of images created with a computer using drawings, other prints, photographs, light pen and tablet, and so on. These images can be printed to a variety of substrates including paper and cloth or plastic canvas.

Art prints
Printmaking takes on many forms and although when it comes to Art Prints it refers normally to printing on paper, other materials are used. The process involves producing multiples of the same piece of art, which is called a print. Art Prints on paper are always popular and are often framed to create a real focal point within a living or working space. Art prints on canvas have grown increasingly popular also. Stretched over stretcher bar, Canvas Art Prints are now commonly unframed and hang on a wall in their raw art form. Art Prints range dramatically in price depending on the artist, the paper used and the edition size. Open edition Art Prints are the cheapest. Limited Edition Art prints becoming more expensive depending on the artist and the size of the edition.

Floral prints
Flower pictures and Floral Prints remain some of the bestsellers in the world of art.
Some of the most famous artists including Monet and Picasso are all renowned for their Floral Prints. Such is the popularity of flowers, it is often Floral Prints that get the nod when decorating a room or office environment. Often it is not the artist but the flower itself that people have a preference to. Roses over Lilly's, Peonies over Daffodils. The colour of Floral Prints also take president with reds or green or indeed the 'seasons' colour of choice making an impact on art buyers decisions.

Canvas Art
The popularity of Canvas Art is down in no small part to the numerous interior design shows on television. These prime time trendsetters have used the personal touch of Canvas Art to great effect. The quality of Canvas Art differs like all art with some of the imported canvases from Japan inferior in quality to the giclee printed fine art canvases used on many limited edition reproduction canvas art.

Photos to canvas
Adding that personal touch to a room or gift idea has seen the Photos to canvas or photos2canvas service as it is sometimes known, rise and rise in popularity. With the ability to print your photo or image on to a canvas means that literally everyone can be an artist. Family photos to canvas are still the most popular, with wedding photos and holiday photos a close second. With the advent of digital photography, fewer photos are developed in the traditional way and people are looking for unique ways to display their shots. Black and white, sepia and colour Photos to canvas are all possible now as well as clever Warhol style canvases and cartoon art techniques.

Andy Warhol Prints
Andrew Warhola or Andy Warhol as he is better known, became famous worldwide for his take on popular culture in the 60's. Andy Warhol Prints are now sold all over the UK and indeed the world. These prints are more popular today than ever. Original Andy Warhol Prints are now some of the most sort after works in art. When the prints come up for auction they can fetch millions. Andy Warhol Prints come in all sizes and the estate works with Kind and McGaw closely producing the finest art prints for sale in the UK and USA. Some of the best selling Andy Warhol Prints are his Marilyn Monroe portraits and other pop icons including Elvis and of course Campbell's Soup Can. Andy Warhol Prints from the 60's revolves around American Pop Culture - Dollar bills, famous brands and celebrities. Music and film are integral to Warhol's work in the 80s but it is his screen-printing at 'the factory' that fans of his work still champion today.

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